Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Link It! – A Fun Game For All The Family

In our household, we love a good card game, but it’s often the adult themed favourites (Cards Against Humanity, Never Have I Ever…) which are first on the table, meaning my kids are always excluded from the fun. When an email arrived in my inbox, asking if I wanted to try the new, fast-paced, family card game ‘Link It’ from PikyKwiky, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to include my children in one of our favourite pastimes!

The whole idea is pretty simple – be the first person to correctly identify the link between two images on two different decks of cards - blue or orange deck - allowing you to either collect or discard cards (depending on the game) and emerge victorious! Thankfully, there is also a rule booklet included in the tin, which shows the 31 different image pairs you should be looking for, and four different mini games of varying difficulty. Paul groaned at first, because he knows how competitive I am, and has had to sit through a similar game with me before. This nearly resulted in deafness from me screaming my answers rather enthusiastically... but I assured him I'd be good this time!

As it was his birthday bash at the weekend, and the kids were dying to get involved, we thought we’d try it out while all our guests were over. This would have stretched the game to its limit of eight players, but it quickly became clear that Logan was better suited to his action figures, so he ran off to play in his bedroom – we expected as much given the 6+ age rating on the tin.
Our first attempt was very confusing, and probably not made any better by our inability to read the rules correctly - despite trying very hard to stick to Game #1 in the rule booklet, we misunderstood the concept and made the game ten times more difficult! We also struggled with seven players and thought it was probably too much for everyone to clearly see the cards, especially with the varying size of the different pictures.
Once our guests had gone home, we gave Link It another go with just myself, Paul and Megan, which made the whole experience much more enjoyable. We carefully read the rules this time, and attempted each of the suggested games included within the instructions. We all much preferred the smaller number of players and found it a lot easier to match the different icons too. All of the different game suggestions were a whole load simpler than our earlier attempt and we played each of them, with the exception of one, multiple times.
I think Link It definitely benefits from the speed aspect, with racing to make a match and finding a winner as quickly as possible the main driver for the fun! With this in mind, we found one of the suggested games – Game #3 Golden Frog – quickly resulted in boredom from the three of us, as it took a long time of going backwards are forwards with cards before a winner emerged. Nevertheless, this didn’t dampen our fun, as we instead chose to focus more on the other, quicker games for the rest of the evening.
All in all, I’m very pleased to have been given the opportunity to try out this game. The simple nature meant that, once you’d got the hang of the rules, not much thinking was required and the convenient, compact tin means that it can be transported anywhere for spontaneous gaming! There is also no previous knowledge or experience required, meaning that adults and kids of suitable age can all enjoy Link It together. We tried out the ‘Original’ theme, but there is also a ‘Part Of’ theme available and further themes of 'Made Of', 'Capital Of' and 'Professions' lined up for release in the near future.
If you are curious about the concept of this fun wee game, and would like to find out more, check out the website here – I know I’ll be keeping watch to see when the new themes are available! Link It is available to buy from Amazon at a price of £12.95 – which is great value for the hours of family fun it can provide!
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  1. Ah, this sounds like so much fun! And perfect for a Christmas present.

    1. It took a while to sort the rules out, but we really enjoyed ourselves in the end... definitely think this could be a good shout for Christmas! :)

  2. Looks fun! I love a good family board game can’t wait until my sons old enough to ask to play them

    1. I’m seriously considering getting the different variations as stocking fillers, it was a lot of fun! :)


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