Thursday, 20 July 2017

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

It’s a huge decision… who are you going to be comfortable with while they snap you in your dressing gown, getting ready? Are the children going to like them, or run away from every photo op? Is the work going to be any good, or am I going to be stuck with a set of posed group shots, similar to the school photos of old? I’m sure every couple would have similar questions when looking for a wedding photographer, but I present you with the perfect solution… Jenni Browne Photography!

I first met Jenni at a wedding fayre, set in the gorgeous Crieff Hydro Hotel, and she instantly stood out as my kind of person! With her friendly banter and wonderful examples of previous work, I knew she was the woman for the job! After a further consultation at her house, where she explained all her fees in simple terms, there was no reason to shop around – I’d found the perfect person, and can’t imagine anyone else would have done such a great job!

As a further opportunity to check if she’s the right ‘fit’, Jenni offers all couples a ‘pre-wedding photo shoot’ to ease their minds before the big day, and get a feel for how you interact as a couple. For ours, she chose the beautiful Macrosty Park in Crieff, which was great for allowing the kids to run around and enjoy themselves. This was also a brilliant opportunity to get to know Jenni a bit more, before the madness of our actual wedding day - her advice even managed to influence our decision to try for a third child!
He'd just fallen over and got mud all over his trousers!
Logan was just a blur of motion for my phone camera!
The kids absolutely loved Jenni and kept asking her to take their picture!
On the morning of our wedding, Jenni turned up promptly and instantly eased my nerves. She spent a bit of time with us, before popping over to see how the boys were getting on with their preparations. When it was time for ceremony, she captured wonderful candid shots of the whole thing in a completely non-invasive way – a lot of our guests didn’t even notice she was there! We did request a few group shots, but there were no delays and she got all the shots we requested in record time – which was a good thing, as there was a freezing blizzard outside! To top the night off, Jenni provided loads of fun props, and set up a photo booth for the evening reception, much to the delight of all the guests!

I realise I’ve not shown you any of her actual pictures from the day, but I didn’t want to take anything away from her wonderful, high quality work. Instead, I have included links below:

Jenni doesn’t just do weddings, she is available for all manners of photo shoots. From pregnancy and new-born, to modelling or architectural work, there is something to suit everyone’s needs. Please go and check her out, she is truly a fantastic woman – I hope to get the chance to work with her again in the future!

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