Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Glasgow Burger Tour – Bread Meats Bread

It seems like I’ve been away from the blog for ages, and I’ve honestly struggled to find any sort of motivation or desire to share anything with anyone. You can read about the circumstances surrounding my absence here, but in the interests of moving on and putting the past behind me, I thought I’d jump straight back in with another delicious food post!
Fun Lunch Friday’ became a bit of a thing with me and Sarahjane, but this only works well because we spend so much time together at work. As I love trying out new restaurants whenever I have the chance, I was keen to arrange a recurring event that would allow both Paul and myself to visit places with other friends too - hence, the ‘Glasgow Burger Tour’ was born!
Now, Scott and Karen are close childhood friends of Paul’s, but various work and family commitments now prevent us from spending much time together as a group. I’ve also been keen to improve relations since my rather bat-shit crazy bridezilla behaviour in the run up to our wedding! The Glasgow Burger Tour seemed like a fantastic opportunity to get together semi-regularly, while also enjoying a huge range of different restaurants as we gradually work our way through the Glasgow burger scene – first on the cards, Bread Meats Bread.
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