When I started my blog, I didn't think companies would actually be interested in reading the content, so it always comes as a great surprise when I open up my email and find a request to review a product or service! These products are usually sent to me free of charge in return for a wee mention in a review article, therefore it is my policy that I only feature products/services that I actually want to use and show off to my readers. The opinions expressed are 100% my own and have in no way been altered in favour of the company. Please also note that, while I have done my research on the topic under review, my opinions should not be taken above those of a trained professional or medical practitioner.
All material published on this blog is copyright of myself (Elanor) and Tiggy Poes and Flutterbys.
Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are my own. Credit is given to any supplied from other sources and permission has been sought before using these images.
If you would like any further clarity, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at tiggypoes@gmail.com.

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