Tuesday, 30 August 2016

An Evening of Colours and Cocktails in Castle Galleries

I’m still a newbie to this blogging malarkey, but I’m under no impression that I could make it as a successful fashion blogger – I’ve only just clocked what #OOTD means! Regardless of this, fashion is an important aspect in most of our lives, especially for the girls in my family! When I took my daughter to Next recently - her birthday money burning a hole in her pocket - it was evident how much fashion means to her when she emerged from the changing rooms, clad in a gorgeous maxi dress. Her beaming face was enough to let me know that maybe I should make a bit more effort with my own wardrobe! Never one to let an opportunity pass me by, the Colour Elements blogger event seemed like the perfect place to learn more about this subject - an area I have always struggled with. With such a fantastic team on hand to teach myself, and a handful of fellow bloggers, we’d be using the colours of our clothing to our advantage in no time!


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

First Impressions of the 5:2 Diet

There are loads of diets out there these days, each promising fabulous results and the ability to fix you up with the perfect bikini body/little black dress figure/pre-pregnancy time warp! I’ve had problems with my body image since high school – first with thinking I was too fat at a size 10, then piling on the pounds after becoming a teen parent. As an undergraduate, I struggled with my size and ballooned to the ‘obese’ BMI range, unhappily plodding through my daily routine and getting out of breath at the slightest bit of exercise. After my second child came along, I tried out Slimming World and lost 3.5 stone, finally reaching the ‘healthy’ BMI range, but was unable to sustain this and quickly gained the weight again. Fed up once more, I decided to give the 5:2 a go!


Thursday, 18 August 2016

More Bonus Time With Clinique And John Lewis

Hey guys, I know I’ve recently reminded you how much I love Clinique with a post about their summer Bonus Time event in Boots, but it seems that no sooner has one event ended, there is another to take its place! At first, I was going to let John Lewis’ offer pass me by – alas, I don’t have endless supplies of cash to fritter away on cosmetics – but I knew my Mum would be interested, so I convinced her there must be some products she absolutely HAD to have!


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Guest Spot on Caffeinated Reactions

Guest posts are great, not only do they share the work of other fantastic bloggers, they also help to fill a spot on you own blog when life inevitably gets in the way! When Sarahjane over at Caffeinated Reactions asked to feature me in her monthly ‘Ladies Who Lab’ spot, I was more than happy to help – after all, I am a lady who works in a lab!

I love Sarahjane's face in this pic!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Your Toddler at 48 Months…

Firstly… what?!
This was the title of an email I was sent today and I couldn’t help but laugh – isn’t it easier to just say ‘your child at 4’? I stopped referring to my children’s ages in months when their clothing size changed to years. Also, I struggle to think of my (soon-to-be) four year old son as a toddler – he can run faster than me and has better balance, he definitely does not ‘toddle’!


Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Summer Day Trip With My Mummy

This summer has been like most other summers – stuck in the house with nothing really exciting happening and no actual holiday away. When you’re saving for a wedding, sacrifices must be made, but I do miss a cheeky wee trip to the sun! Realising my frustration, my Mum came to the rescue with the suggestion that we head off to Northumberland for the day while Logan was at nursery and Paul was at work.

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