Saturday, 16 July 2016

Making Time For Your Other Half

How’s everyone’s week been? I’m currently recovering from sobbing my heart out at last night’s Coronation Street – Jack P Shepherd is a fantastic actor and could move anyone to tears with the recent storyline. Given the heart-breaking conclusion to the episode, it made me glad that I have such a special ‘other half’ in my life, and that we made the most of our child-free week together!
Shamless Train Selfie!
When you have kids, limited holidays and both of you work, it’s often the Grandparents who step in to help. Last week, our kids enjoyed a wee holiday at Paul’s Dad’s, and we were able to go on ‘dates’ again! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but when you work full time, it’s often difficult to spend time with your partner, even if you are both still in the same room! In my opinion, it’s hugely important to spend time as just a couple in order to maintain a healthy relationship, even if it’s only once a month.
We wanted to make the most of the week, so immediately started cramming in as much as we could! Monday was a mad rush home from work, and then a trip to the cinema, with ‘Now You See Me 2’ on the cards. It was a close call between that and either the new Independence Day film or Tarzan, but we weren’t disappointed with our choice. I couldn’t leave without snapping the ceiling of Livingston town centre – I’m a sucker for anything pink!
Tuesday night was a quiet one, with a joint gaming session on the Xbox. I’m a determined achievement hunter and I’ve been chasing a few tricky ones in the Halo Master Chief Collection, so Paul offered to give me a hand, despite his dislike of the game in general.
Wednesday was a proper night out, we made our way into Edinburgh for a meal in one of my fav places – Hard Rock Café – followed by an evening of comedy in The Stand. I chose my usual potato skins for dinner, accompanied by a lovely ‘Pickled Tink’ cocktail – anything with a pina colada flavour wins in my book! The Stand was an interesting experience, and definitely one I would repeat in the future. We were right in front of the stage, and in a perfect position to really feel immersed in the action. I now have a new fav comedienne – Fern Brady. She’s performing again at The Fringe this year, so I would urge anyone to go and see her if they get the chance!
Thursday marked the return of the children, but also the launch of the new Pokemon Go game and we are already hooked! Megan has it on her tablet (as does Paul) and I have it on my phone. None of us have anything particularly good yet, but we spent the majority of Friday trying to expand our collection and even embarked on a late night hunt through West Lothian on Friday evening, once Paul had returned from work!
All in all, it was a fantastic week and I’m glad we had the opportunity to spend it both alone, and with our children. We finished it off today by picking up my wedding ring, followed by a trip to Paradise Island Adventure Golf at intu Braehead, but I will tell you more about that in my next post!

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  1. Coronation Street absolutely destroyed me that night too - even though I knew she was going to die, it was such a shock!

    1. I was a horrible snottery mess and had to keep hiding my face from Paul - he was finding it amusing how caught up in the soaps I get! :)


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