Monday, 3 September 2018

Guess That Sound With Soundiculous!

Man, I’d forgotten what it was like to look after a newborn – the constant feeding, the lack of sleep and the specific cry all babies seem to have (which nature has programmed us to drop everything for) has really been challenging for us this past couple of weeks. Even this blog post, which would normally take me a couple of hours, has been dragging out for days! Despite these new commitments, we’ve still been trying to have fun as a family, even though activities are interrupted a little more often than usual. As such, when I was contacted by Gamely Ltd, creators of the hilarious card game Randomise, to review another of their recently launched products, I saw this as an excellent opportunity to have a laugh at a recent big family birthday.

Soundiculous is another easily transportable card game, perfect for parties, travelling or a random night of hilarity in the pub! The premise of the game is pretty simple, and not all that different to charades, except the rules are completely reversed. This means that, rather than silently acting out whatever appears on the card in front of you, now you are only allowed to make the sound of the thing you are trying to describe – no gestures allowed! Sounds are listed on a selection of different cards, each with an assigned difficulty rating on the back (easy, medium or hard). These cards are placed face down on the table (so only the difficulty rating is visible) and players then take it in turns to choose a card and attempt to make whatever sound is on the reverse, with points awarded depending on difficulty (1 – easy, 2 – medium, 3 – hard) and only if the sound is guessed correctly.

For a first attempt, the instructions suggested that we only use easy and medium cards, which was just as well, considering that even the easy options were difficult to guess – although Paul impersonating a turkey was one of the highlights of the evening! The medium options almost completely finished us off when we spent ages trying (and failing) to guess ‘washing machine’, followed by another confused attempt at making ‘restaurant’ noises. About halfway through, Logan (aged 5) decided he wanted to join in, but didn’t quite grasp the concept when he performed his sound and then immediately told us what it was! After exhausting all the cards laid out on the table, Paul’s Dad emerged victorious with a grand total of 16 points, which was unsurprising given the superior skill level he demonstrated throughout the game!

Before tidying everything away, we did take a look at some of the ‘hard’ options, but decided that they were best incorporated bit by bit into any future games, especially when ‘cello’, ‘panda’ and ‘wrestling’ are among the options. Paul did his best to attempt these, but I would definitely recommend some practice and restricting your alcohol consumption before embarking on a challenging ‘hard’ game!

Overall, we definitely enjoyed playing Soundiculous, with many of us calling out for a rematch over the course of the weekend! The game is aimed at 3-10 players, but I would suggest that you should ideally aim for the latter number in order the get full enjoyment. It is also aimed at ages 8+, a statement I would definitely agree with considering Logan’s aforementioned involvement!

If you are curious and fancy trying Soundiculous for yourself, it is available from John Lewis at a price of £11.99, brilliant value for the hours of fun you’ll experience! Gamely Ltd also manufacture Randomise (as mentioned earlier) and The Pretender, both of which can also be purchased from John Lewis at the same price.

If you’ve played any of these games, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section, the guys at Gamely Ltd really do have fantastic imaginations!

*I was gifted my Soundiculous game, but all opinions discussed within this blog post are my own.

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