Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Guest Spot on Caffeinated Reactions

Guest posts are great, not only do they share the work of other fantastic bloggers, they also help to fill a spot on you own blog when life inevitably gets in the way! When Sarahjane over at Caffeinated Reactions asked to feature me in her monthly ‘Ladies Who Lab’ spot, I was more than happy to help – after all, I am a lady who works in a lab!

I love Sarahjane's face in this pic!
She’d been asking me to write a post for a wee while, but I was struggling to make my scientific journey sound interesting. I’m so used to my day-to-day mundane activities, I forget that my entrance into the scientific world was less than conventional…

So, if you are wondering why my presence here has been less over the past week, I’ve been concentrating on writing for Sarahjane. You can catch the full post here and learn about the difficulties I had with starting my career.

Life can often throw challenges in our direction, but I hope my guest post demonstrates that nothing should stand in the way of your ambition, be it scientific or otherwise!
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