Friday, 10 November 2017

Organising Your Life With BusyB

It’s been a crappy few months, and not the most fantastic year overall, so when I received a lovely email from the team at BusyB, inviting me to the launch of their new collection of diaries and calendars for 2018, it seemed like a wonderful excuse to start looking forward to the future again! When I was little, I would always get such a great sense of enjoyment from surrounding myself with beautiful stationery, so having the chance to relive those moments again has undoubtedly helped improve my rather gloomy mood lately.

It’d been quite a while since my last blogger event, and nerves usually get the better of me, so when I heard that Kirsty (from The Monday Project) was also attending, it was an obvious jump for us to travel together. Squashing ourselves onto the rush hour Edinburgh train, we were soon chatting away as if we’d never been apart, and it was easy to forget that we’d only actually met a just couple of times before! Once in Edinburgh, Kirsty had arranged to meet Charlotte (from Colours and Carousels), making it easy for us to all travel to the venue together. I was initially nervous, as I’ve admired Charlotte’s blog for a long time, but after a bit of random chat – is a shower-bath even a thing?! – I soon felt at ease in her company.
The event was hosted by The Glasshouse Hotel, one of the most luxurious venues I ever been too, and somewhere I would definitely like to visit again with Paul! As soon as we opened the doors, a staff member was there to greet us and escort us directly up to the beautiful rooftop garden, which I could imagine would only look more spectacular if there was still some daylight. Inside what seemed like a large greenhouse decorated with strings of fairy lights, we were finally able to relax and meet the BusyB team in cosy and comfortable surroundings.
While we waited for the rest of the guest list to arrive, we were handed a nice, cold glass of fizz (decorated with a flower) and given the chance to browse all the new collections - there are several ranges on offer, with handy products in each to match everyone’s needs. The Contemporary range offers ‘products that are as stylish as they are useful’ and are perfect for ‘busy ladies who need to be perfectly organised’, while the ‘Oh So Clever’ range provides a number of time and space saving solutions for the busy mum who is central to keeping the whole family together!

After mentally ear-marking all my favourite things, we were then ushered to a seat for a Q&A session with Kerri B, BusyB’s founder. I’ve never put much thought into how to grow any sort of business before, so it was interesting to learn about the whole back story of the company, from its early beginnings in Christmas card displays, to the hugely successful business it is today, with stock in major retailers such as John Lewis, Lakeland and Hobbycraft. I can’t imagine the difficulty associated with such a venture, and I’m hugely in awe of the fantastic job Kerri and her team have done!
Before leaving, each of us were gifted our favourite diary from the collections on display and given the opportunity to have it personalised by their lovely calligrapher, Laila, who did an absolutely fantastic job of beautifully writing my name in the ‘this belongs to’ section. The diary also came packaged with a handy set of sticky notes and a double pack of cute pens, which will really keep me on track with all my important plans and events when next year finally rolls around… I can’t believe this will be my last year as a student, before I finally have to accept that diaries begin in January for the rest of my life!

As if all these generous gifts weren’t enough, we were also handed a huge goodie bag, along with a milkshake and cupcake, on our way out of the door! Packed full of amazing wee products, I can’t quite believe how lucky I was to be invited along, and I’m extremely grateful for being included. Not only do I feel like an excited little girl again, surrounded by all this stationery, but I’ve now found my go to supplier for all my future organisational needs. Kerri and her team have worked extremely hard to build up the BusyB brand, and I would love to support their ever growing business – look out loved ones, I’m sure some BusyB products will be finding their way into Christmas stockings and sacks for a few of you this year!

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