Wednesday, 13 June 2018

30 Before I’m 30!

I’ve never really bothered with milestone birthdays before – turning 18 wasn’t really much of a thing for me given my new parenthood status, and 21 doesn’t seem to hold the same significance as it does elsewhere in the world. I wasn’t even aware that people make a big deal about their 25th until I met Paul, shortly before he reached his. In any case, I will be turning 30 next May, and the change in the first number of my age hasn’t happened for a while, so I guess I should mark it with something!

A couple of bloggers I follow also recently wrote similar posts on this subject and, while I share Harriet’s sentiment about being perfectly okay with getting older, I also love lists just as much as Ayden seems to, so I thought I’d throw together a collection of short term goals for the last year of my twenties…
1. Finish my PhD
It’s been a long time coming, but I’m hopeful that the next few months will finally see an end to my time in education – it’ll be such a great feeling to leave the stress of studying behind as I enter a new decade!
2. Get my first proper job!
You know, one where I pay tax, national insurance and maybe even contribute to a pension scheme, like a responsible adult!
3. Give birth for the last time
Okay, so this one is pretty much going to happen anyway! Our last wee baby is due this August, and I’ll be glad to put an end to the stresses associated with procreation, especially with all the hassle we’ve experienced. I always said that I didn’t want to be having any more babies after 30, but Paul always wanted a family of three kids, so I’ll be glad to tick this off the list!
4. Help someone else who has experienced the pain of miscarriage
I’ve been really open about my experiences by documenting them on my blog, and there has been a pretty positive response, but I’m keen to be able to use these experiences to help others. Whether setting up some sort of help group, or raising money for charity, I don’t want other women to feel the loneliness that we experienced. All loss is painful and no one should feel that their pain is insignificant.
5. Reach a healthy weight again
I dieted after Logan was born, and managed to lose a significant amount of weight, but I feel that it left me with an unhealthy relationship with food. This time, I’m less concerned about the specific numbers and more with how I feel, I just want to look good in clothes again!
6. Run a 5K
In line with reaching a healthy weight, I’m hoping that I can finally build up enough stamina to take part in a proper run, although I feel anything more than a 5K would be a bit ambitious!
7. Finally go on a girl’s holiday
I’m sure this is something that most people have done after leaving school, but having kids young meant that I missed out on this particular life event. I’d love to get a bunch of girlfriends together and go on a European city break for a long weekend, although preferably somewhere not too expensive.

8. Visit another Hard Rock
The last new one I went to was while we were on honeymoon in Seattle. I don’t imagine I’ll be able to fit another America trip into my schedule between now and next May, but maybe I can manage a visit to the London or Dublin cafes.
9. Take the kids away somewhere
When I was little, my parents would always make sure we had a holiday each year, but it’s not something I’ve ever been able to do for my kids. I’m not thinking anywhere exotic, but it’d be lovely to take the kids to a cottage or caravan at the seaside for a week away from our usual day-to-day life. 
10. Spend more time with friends and family
I’m not the best at keeping in contact with people, so I really hope that the decline in work commitments, and my imminent maternity leave, means that I’m more able to focus on the people who matter to me! It’d also be nice to visit my Dad, although a trip to Kenya might be a bit pricy when I don’t currently have a job lined up!

11. Climb a tree
Surely this is something that most people have done as kids, but I was always quite frightened to give it a go. Paul has agreed to help me find one that’s suitable, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind catching me if I fall... as long as I reach that healthy weight!
12. Learn to cook something better than Paul!
If you know me, then you’ll already be aware that my cooking skills are pretty much non-existent! Paul makes everything in our house, otherwise I’m sure we’d be living off of frozen chicken nuggets for every meal! That being said, it would be really nice if I could find something that I’m amazing at making, enough for the kids to request it at mealtimes.
13. Do a bit of gardening
My Mum would be proud of this one… especially as I hate gardening! I’m not the best at keeping plants alive, but since we’ve moved to a house with a back garden, it would be nice to brighten it up a bit. Paul has plans for a vegetable patch, so at least it would be gardening with a purpose!
14. Eat vegetables more than once a week
…potentially from our own garden! :)
15. Learn to do my makeup properly
It’s embarrassing when your child knows more about makeup than you do. Megan has far superior knowledge and a makeup collection at least twice the size of mine – it’d be great to soak up some of her knowledge!
16. Read at least 3 books from my huge back log on the bookcase
Since book club died, I’ve not picked up anything new to read, despite the huge selection of unread books gathering dust on my bookcase. It’s always a hobby I’ve enjoyed, so I’m determined to get back in to it!
17. Reach 1000 followers on Instagram
Compared to some bloggers, this isn’t a huge number, but it’s a goal I’d like to achieve within the next year. I’m still not sure how Instagram works, but I’ve been slowly trying to grow the audience for my blog through different social media accounts – I just like Instagram the best! (Shameless plug - @tiggypoes)
18. Stick to a semi-regular blog schedule
I know I’d generally have more success as a blogger if I could just stick to some sort of schedule. Since last year’s hiatus, my numbers have declined to worse than when I first started my blog, so I’d like to improve that somewhat. Given that this post was supposed to be released about a week ago, I’m clearly not trying too hard yet, but once the PhD is done, I’ll be back on it properly!
19. Host an all-night Mega-Movie marathon with my girlfriends (and Paul, if he fancies!)
Who doesn’t love a good movie night? I’ve been trying to convince my pals to sit through a Saw marathon for a while now, but I’d be happy with any franchise to be honest… we may even end up sitting through all the ‘Land Before Time’ cartoons!
20. Try food which is out of my comfort zone
I’m a terribly fussy eater and usually dread it when someone suggests eating at a place that doesn’t include pizza or burgers. I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of sushi, but I think it’s probably time that I investigated different foods.
21. Walk the West Highland Way
I’ve lived in Scotland long enough now that I think I should probably go out and appreciate a bit more of the scenery. The West Highland Way also finishes in Fort William, one of my favourite wee towns.
22. Climb my second ever Munro
Not content with walking the 96 mile stretch mentioned above, it’d great to bag another Munro. The last time I tackled one was the ascent up Schiehallion when I was 14 or 15, I think it’s about time I tried another!
23. Achieve 100,000 Steps for the Fitbit workweek challenge
I was treated to a Fitbit by the in-laws at Christmas, and I now can’t imagine life without one! I’m not sure if it’s been beneficial for my competitive nature, but I love challenging friends to step goals throughout the week. My goal is usually 10,000 steps a day, but it’d be great to double that and smash my record for the workweek challenge!
24. Complete at least 3 games from our huge collection of Xbox titles (and get 100% Achievements)
Similar to my huge back log of books, I have an equally large collection of video games that I’ve not played, despite the usually high price tag. I don’t think I’m as bad as Paul is, but I do feel like I’ve wasted a bit of money by not playing them.

25. Visit Camden Market again
It’s one of my favourite places to visit, but I’ve only ever been twice. I’d love to take Paul though all the wee winding alleyways and let him see the variety of different food vendors especially, my mouth is watering at the thought!
26. Attend a non-work related conference
I’ve been to a few different conferences that have been related to my career, but I’d love to attend something that is a bit more fun. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers posting about the recent Blog On conference, so that’s definitely one I’d be interested in for next year!
27. Try out a new hobby
Something that maybe involves getting out the house for a bit… it could even be a sport (gasp)!
28. Dye my hair a fun colour
Maybe not my whole head, but I’ve always fancied a little bit of an unusual colour running through my hair.
29. Replace some of the missing furniture from my doll house
This may seem like a bit of a silly one, but ever since a mouse infiltrated my Mum’s garage and took up residence in my doll house (then died), I’ve not gotten around to replacing any of the furnishings. My Grandad built my doll house from scratch, and I would spend my summer holidays going round antique stores with him and my Grandma, looking for things to fill it. It’d be a lovely way to remember them, and may also encourage my Mum to make a start on filling hers.
30. Be a better Mummy!
This one is difficult to quantify, but probably the most important. I’ve always felt like quite a selfish individual, and I’ve always worried that my choices to study have negatively impacted my kids. Given that this is all coming to an end this year, I’m looking forward to focusing more of my energy on being the best Mum I can be.
So, that rounds up the list of things I want to do this year and hopefully adds a bit of fun to the last year of my twenties! What are you planning for this year? Has anyone else got any big birthdays creeping round the corner?
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  1. Oh man, you put me to shame! (being significantly older than your 30!)
    I will say, on one of your notes, that I did the couch to 5k, made it to 5k, hurt my leg and gave up running - doh. So I think I might have to go through your checklist and see what else inspires me!
    Happy Birthday
    Ali x

    1. Oh no, what a shame to put all that effort in, and then to feel like it’s wasted because of an injury! I’m hoping my list hasn’t been too ambitious, I don’t know if I’m underestimating how difficult it will be to raise 3 kids, haha!

  2. There are definitely a few things I can help you with!! Girly holiday for the win!!

    1. Love the idea of a girly holiday, maybe finally booking Kraków! ;)


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