Saturday, 13 February 2016

Deadpool, Lego and a ‘Round the World’ Food Experience

This Valentine’s weekend started with an early morning wake-up call and a train into Glasgow for 7.30am – Forbidden Planet were hosting an event to celebrate the release of the new Deadpool movie! They have arranged numerous signings and giveaway events in the past, so we are no stranger to queueing for a couple of hours, but today we were the first lonely people to appear outside the store. We were even around to welcome each member of staff for the start of their shifts!

Normally I would not choose to celebrate the most romantic weekend of the year in this way, but Paul is a huge comic book fan, so I knew he would appreciate the chance to grab some free gear with his favourite character plastered all over it! He was not disappointed with his haul and even managed to bag one of the limited number of promotional t-shirts – reward for our prompt arrival! After adding a few more graphic novels to our collection, we headed off to the rest of the shops in search of more treats.
It wasn’t long before Paul was able to indulge in another of his passions - The St. Enoch Centre is currently hosting a mini exhibition of artwork by Warren Elsmore, who specialises in Lego as his subject matter! A vacant store in the centre has been transformed into a fantastic display of ‘Brick Flicks’, with your favourite movies reimagined in Lego. You should definitely check it out if you have a few minutes and see how many famous scenes you can guess!
By the time we wandered back up Buchannan Street, we were just in time to catch the first weekend showing of Deadpool – an idea which also appealed to the majority of Forbidden Planet’s customers! The movie itself was a welcome change to the regular superhero script, with its graphic violence and continual use of ‘colourful’ language. There were several moments where I found myself erupting into huge belly laughs, but none of these were suitable comedy to be sharing with children. Thankfully, the cinema was full of adults who also shared our sense of humour! Ryan Reynolds expertly brings Deadpool to life and actually manages to forge an emotional connection with the viewers, despite the obnoxious character I was excepting to see. The whole story is also peppered with little digs to other movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a fantastic way of linking with other well-known superheroes. All in all, a definite must see (but maybe not for your Granny)!
We finished off our most recent date day with a much anticipated trip to Cook and Indi’s World Buffet – unfortunately though, this was where the fun ended. We were stood in the entrance foyer for approximately 15 minutes, waiting for a table. Although not a huge stretch of time, we were not once spoken to by any member of staff. We had no idea what the hold-up was and felt completely ignored until we were finally seated and offered drinks. After a quick trip to the toilets (hidden underground and not the cleanest) we tucked into the huge variety of food offered. Nothing stood out as particularly spectacular and the only thing I actually enjoyed was the chocolate fountain, complete with marshmallows. We were out of the place after only 40 minutes and the bill couldn’t have come quick enough! The buffet was all you can eat for £8.99, but I would have rather spent twice that amount to eat better quality food and be treated with more respect. I will not be back in any hurry!
How have you guys spent this weekend? I’m sure many comic book fans will have convinced their significant others that Deadpool is actually a rom com!
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  1. Deadpool and Lego? That would be the perfect Valentines weekend for me! Excluding the meal it sounds like you guys had a great day :)

    1. Yeah, we love our geeky days, if we'd topped it off with some evening game time, the night would have been perfect! :)

  2. I love Forbidden Planet. I haven't looked on there for quite some time, but after ready your post I thought I would have a gander. I have now seen a dozen things I want to buy!!!

    1. Haha, yeah it's very easy to spend a lot of money on things you totally need, lol!


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