Monday, 28 March 2016

Grabbing Some Quality Time With Weekend Box

Lately, it has been difficult to find any time to do anything fun. On top of all our regular work commitments, we have also been running around like crazy trying to sort things for our wedding. To top it all, most of us have also been suffering with the cold/flu. With all this, the blog has suffered a little, but I’ve also not had the chance to spend any quality time with my children. Now that the Easter holidays are upon us (and we are all feeling a bit better), I finally have the chance to concentrate more on the kiddos!

Last month, I had the opportunity to review the new mini weekend box from The Weekend Box Club, but I didn’t have the supplies to complete the second activity. With busy work and home life, I quickly forgot about finishing it off – until the Weekend Box’s creator, Andy, sent me an email. He and his team had carried out some research into the challenges that other parents face when organising activities with their little ones. Realising I’m not the only one lacking ideas, I found a plastic bottle (needed for the second activity) and we set about rediscovering our love of gardening!
My son struggled to pay attention the last time we sat down for an activity – he’s only 3 – so I saved the second activity for my daughter to try out while my son was having fun at nursery. We were tasked with making a self-sustaining miniature rainforest by constructing a special plant pot and planting some seeds. My daughter, being a bit older, was much better equipped to understand the instructions. She loves getting involved with anything messy, so was quick to volunteer to sort the soil and plant the seeds, all I had to do was help with cutting the bottle.

The whole activity was supposed to take around 40 minutes, but we managed to breeze through it in half the time. Despite this, my daughter still had fun and even commented on how great it is when we spend time together. She was so inspired to find out more about rainforests, she rushed off to Google some information on her tablet. She thought rainforests only existed in South America, but was quick to come back and tell me that they exist all over the world, in both temperate and tropical climates.
Spending quality time with your kids doesn’t have to be a chore. We all have busy lives, but the benefits of taking an hour out of our weekend, to inspire the minds of our little ones, is hugely beneficial. If you are struggling for ideas, the Weekend Box is a great way to take some of the pressure off the parents and allows us to concentrate more on enjoying the company of our children!
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  1. Looks great! I would have loved this when I was younger :)

    1. Me too! I used to beg my mum to make pasta necklaces and other things with me :)

  2. Weekend box is a great idea and something that little man and I would enjoy! :)

    1. Definitely worth giving it a go, think I may subscribe given how busy I've been lately :)


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